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Vaze Bandhu Food Products

1. Khidki Vada Masala.

2. Lemon Pickle.

Khidki Vada Masala

Khidki Vada Masala is a vegetable paste prepared for Batate Vada, which gives a special taste to Khidkivada. This paste has been formulated in 1968, and prepared using the same confidential procedure. This is the secrete behind the same taste of Khidkivada at all places. This is type of green chutney, which can be preserved till 6 months without any problem. The patent for this green chutney is pending. Apart from Batata vada, this paste can be used in Non-veg recipes. Masala can be served as chutney or can be used with curd as chutney for idli, dosa, vadas etc.


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