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Procedure to use Khidki Vada Masala.

1. Boil potatoes. Peel and smash them. Add chopped coriander leaves, Khidki vada veg-paste and salt if required. Make a batter of gram daal flour. Dip potato balls in batter and deep fry. Your khidki potato vada is ready.

2. Prepare the potato mixture as instructed in recipe. Make a dough of wheat flour. Make potato parathas by stuffing potato smash in the wheat flour.

3. This potato stuff gives good taste if used for capsicum stuff or tomato stuff.

4. Add cut coriander leaves, vegetable paste (masala) and salt. If required to wheat flour and make a dough. Make spicy parothas (chapaties) from the dough. This veg. paste enhances taste if used in Kadhi (curry), Baingan Bharta, Fish Fry, Chicken, Mutton etc.

5. Make Tadaka (Oil, Mustard seeds, Asafoetida and Haldi). Add veg. paste to tadka, put mix chopped boiled potato well. Add corrinder leaves, salt and little sugar. Your potato subji is ready.